Garbage Disposal in Seattle, Washington

When your garbage disposal stops functioning, it’s not only a hassle, it also makes dishwashing more difficult and leaves a stench in the kitchen. Many times this is caused by a food or other type of object jamming up the system. If the problem isn’t too serious, a garbage disposal repair service will normally fix the broken disposal and get your kitchen back to normal. In some cases, a new garbage disposal may be needed, if your current disposal is beyond repair.

Residents of Seattle, WA can always count on the professional plumbers at Craftsman Plumbing to identify the issue, repair your disposal, or replace the unit entirely as quickly as possible. Regardless of what brand of disposal you are using in your home, if your garbage disposal is not working, the knowledgeable team at Craftsman Plumbing will be able to fix the issue. If the technician concludes that the unit cannot be repaired, then we will tell you your options for a new disposal.

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Signs That You Need Garbage Disposal Repair 

There are many issues that can arise with your disposal that can be fixed with a garbage disposal repair service. Some of these issues include, the unit not turning on, a clogged garbage disposal, foul smelling odors, slow draining, or leaks. If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to have a plumbing company take a look. Although replacing the disposal is usually a more economical option, in many cases our plumbers can identify the issue and perform a garbage disposal repair service to remedy the problem.


Signs That You Need a New Garbage Disposal Installation 

The disposal’s task is to grind food particles that go down the drain. There are now more families who choose to get rid of food scraps by washing them down the sink. Though this makes getting rid of scraps easier, using disposal frequently can create other problems. Below, you will read about the signs that your disposal needs a replacement.


Strange noises

Anytime a disposal makes a loud noise or unfamiliar sound, homeowners should be concerned. Sometimes there is a piece of item that got stuck there, which produces the sound. However, if your garbage disposal is humming or still making strange noises after being carefully checked for foreign objects, you may need to call a technician for repair or replacement.


Doesn’t turn on

There could be a number of explanations for why your garbage disposal is not turning on. The first thing to do is check the breaker to see if it’s been tripped. Next, press the reset button on the disposal, and check to see if the issue is resolved. If these don’t help, then you could have a mechanical issue or faulty wiring.


Garbage disposal leaking

Even with the regular maintenance, garbage disposals cannot be expected to last forever. These types of devices typically will last about 10 to 15 years before replacement becomes necessary. A crack repair will be more expensive compared to having a technician install a new unit.


Frequent repairs or resets

A disposal should not need to be reset constantly. When you reset the machine more often than you want, and the disposal malfunctions in a few other ways, it may be time to replace your defective unit with a newer model. Nonetheless, check for the warranty prior to replacing it and if your disposal is only a few years old.


What to Look for in a New Garbage Disposal Replacement

Since you may have just inherited the disposal system in your home, you may not be familiar yet on its capacities. You may not be satisfied with your disposal, whether because of the noise or its limited capacity. You should get informed about new types of disposing when choosing a new garbage disposal.

Newer garbage disposals tend to be quieter than the ones from previous decades. If it’s important to you that you don’t have a noisy disposal, be sure to inquire about which model is the quietest. Some disposals even have blades that are strong enough to cut through beef bones. A sink garbage disposal that gets stuck when grinding food scraps is probably ready for replacement.

The horsepower of the motor can play a critical role, dependent upon how often your garbage disposal is used and what it is used for. A disposal that has 1 horsepower is enough for a family of any size. There are a lot of disposals that make use of electric switches to turn on. This will cut down risks like electrocution or other hazards while homeowners use the disposal. No matter what kind of disposal that you are interested in, there are many options that you can pick from for each type.


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As a leading plumbing company in the Seattle, WA area, you can count on our team of experienced plumbers for all of your garbage disposal repair and installation needs. When you need to call a plumber for trusted services, Craftsman Plumbing is the logical choice.

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