Professional Sump Pumps Services

A sump pump is considered standard equipment for newly constructed homes in areas that get a lot of rain. If you’ve ever had your basement flood, you can appreciate the necessity of having a sump pump to protect your home and your belongings. Although your sump pump may get relatively little use, it needs to be ready to kick in when needed.

Homes in areas prone to heavy rain or rapid snow melt make sump pumps a necessity. Prior to the onset of the wet season, it’s critical for the homeowner to contact a professional to service their sump pump and make sure it is ready to handle the water workload to come.

How do sump pumps work?

Sump pumps collect excess groundwater and direct it away from the home’s foundation. Groundwater is most likely to be found at the lowest point in a basement or crawl space, so that’s where your home’s sump pump should be installed. The sump pump’s motor can then be activated when there is already excess groundwater there.

If the sump pump is not repaired, the redirection of the water will be affected and the excess water might end up in the home or flood the basement. Water damage from an ineffective sump pump can be expansive and can lead to costly repair needs in the home.

If you are stressed over the viability of your sump pump, an expert can come to review your unit or show you the most recent replacement models. Even when the power is cut off, most new pumps are designed to work, so your belongings are safe no matter what. An expert will likewise review the pipes connected to the sump pump to ensure they are adequately dispersing water away from your home. This professional will have the leaky pipes either repaired or replaced.

Don’t wait until a major downpour is predicted to have your sump pump serviced. There’s no time like the present to have your sump pump serviced by a professional. You’ll appreciate the peace of mind you’ll get from having a well-maintained sump pump when storms are in the weather forecast. Your sump pump’s efficiency may not be something you give much thought to, but it provides essential protection for your home when water levels are high.

What are the signs you need a sump pump service?

Any standing water in your basement is a sign of possible trouble with your sump pump. This stagnant water could be caused by a pipe that is leaking or has burst. If neither of these is at fault, then the sump pump should be checked. While a sump pump is used to remove excess water from house, if the pump does not function properly, water may flow through holes and cracks around the foundation and walls.

Taping a 2-foot square piece of plastic to a hard surface in your basement is another way to check if your home basement has a moisture issue. Depending on the square footage of the basement or crawl space, additional squares may need to be set up throughout the area. If you find water that formed there then this confirms that you have a moisture problem there. This also means that you need to have a technician service your sump pump.

Sump Pump Maintenance

There are some things that homeowners can do, without a service call, to make sure their sump pump is working and are able to keep their home dry during a storm. There are several steps to take beginning with reassuring yourself that all fire hazards are accounted for. After that, the homeowner can remove the submersible pump and clean off the grate so that it is free of rocks or any other debris. The pump has to be put back in an upright position so that the float arm properly activates when water is present.

It’s easy enough to test your sump pump by pouring a bucket of water into the pit where it’s located and seeing if it turns on and pumps the water out. It may be time for professional repairs if it is draining slowly or not at all. All drainage pipes should be monitored for any leakage and repaired if necessary when the pit drains.

There should be no debris or any obstruction in the discharge pipe. Last of all, you should have any battery or water powered backup pumps inspected and prepared for use just in case your main pump fails or the power goes out.