Toilet Installation

When it comes to your home’s plumbing, your toilet is one of the most essential fixtures you have. So if yours breaks, you need a new one right away.

If you simply need a new toilet—say you recently remodeled a bathroom or added a water closet to your home’s existing space still be sure to hire a professional plumber to install your new toilet. If a toilet is not installed correctly, many problems can arise.

Do you need toilet installation? Yes? Then, you can trust Craftsman Plumbing to provide friendly service and affordable prices.

When Do I Need New Toilet Installation?

There are two main reasons that you might consider new toilet installation.

Toilet Replacement

Are you currently experiencing difficulties with one or more aspects of your toilet? If so, and if you notice any of the following issues, you may be a candidate for our toilet installation services:

  • Weak or partial flush
  • Not flushing at all
  • Visible mineral deposits in bowl
  • Stubborn clogs
  • Trickling or gurgling sounds
  • Toilet bowl fills too high or too low
  • “Phantom” flushes
  • Leaks around the base of the toilet
  • Leaks from around the flush tank
  • Handle or flushing mechanism not working properly

You can solve some of these problems by calling Craftsman Plumbing and scheduling a repair job. But in some cases, making frequent repairs is not cost-effective. For example, if you have an older toilet or a toilet that keeps breaking, the money you are doling out to fix it may be better spent on a new toilet installation. A licensed plumber can help you make that decision and ensure that your new toilet is adequately and safely connected to avoid damage to your pipes, walls, or floor.

Toilet Installation After a Remodel

Homeowners may need a new toilet installed after a home renovation project. For example, you may have recently converted part of your basement into a small guest bathroom. You may have also upgraded your master bathroom and are looking to complete your project with a new toilet. Craftsman Plumbing would love to help you put the finishing touches on this project by providing you with expert-level toilet installation.

What’s Involved in Toilet Installation?

Toilets may complete a basic job, but their mechanism can be a bit intimidating if you’re not used to working with plumbing fixtures. Toilet installation usually involves a bit more work than simply placing the new fixture and connecting a few pipes. Toilet installation can involve the following steps:

  • Installing the soil pipe
  • Soldering the stop valve
  • Installing the wax ring
  • Setting the bowl
  • Installing the tank
  • Installing the supply line

These parts must be properly connected if you want your new toilet to function correctly.

Why Choose Professional Toilet Installation?

Because of the array of parts associated with your toilet, you must have your toilet installed properly by a licensed professional. If you slip up during installation, it can lead to an immediate, catastrophic problem when you turn the water on, leading to water damage to your pipes as well as your floor, walls, and ceilings. In addition, this water damage can facilitate the growth of mold and mildew that can eat away at the structure of your house—all from a few mistakes during a DIY toilet installation.

Contacting a licensed professional can ensure that your toilet is appropriately connected and that you won’t experience leaks or other problems with your toilet later on down the line. Professional toilet installation experts may even be able to show you some basic home maintenance tips related to the mechanism of your flush tank. They can also explain how a regular cleaning schedule will keep your fixtures operational for a long time. 

Some hardware stores and other retailers may offer you free installation as an incentive to buy their products. That may sound tempting, but chances are you won’t be receiving installation services from experienced professionals, leading to problems in the future you’d be wise to avoid. So leave toilet installation to the professionals.

Toilet Installation from Plumbers Near Me

The team at Craftsman Plumbers can offer Seattle customers some of the best and most reliable plumbing services in the area. We can provide toilet installation services at a price you’ll love, and because we offer up-front pricing, you never have to worry about any surprises. Our skilled and friendly team has the experience and expertise to get the job done right, so you never find yourself facing a mess after a faulty repair or installation service. Ask about our membership options. LifeTime Diamond Club members get 15% off every service. When you’re ready for a new toilet installation, give us a call. Craftsman Plumbers can ensure that you get the comfort and convenience that you deserve.