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Craftsman Plumbing are the go-to local plumbers who provide residential plumbing services for people who care for their homes throughout the Seattle area since 2014. We set ourselves apart through the respect we have for our customers and their time. With straightforward pricing, proven parts and equipment, and professional, highly trained employees, we take pride in delivering honest, top-quality plumbing services that build value in your Seattle area home for the long term.

As one of the top local plumbers in the Seattle, WA. area, Craftsman Plumbing provides a variety of commercial and residential plumbing services including plumbing repair, plumbing installation, drain cleaning and repair, water heater installs and repair services, gas piping, and much more.

Starting with an initial plumbing consultation, we perform a diagnostic on your home before presenting you with straightforward upfront pricing that includes labor and material need to solve the problem. With industry-leading guarantees, we are a plumbing company that gets the job done right (and never forget to clean up after ourselves!).

Contact us today at (206) 855-6110 to schedule your initial plumbing diagnostic!

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“They did a fine job, said that they would come back to set fixtures and agreed to repair something we had not talked about previously.”

– David F.

“[F}ast efficient, he listens, gets it done right, good pricing, doesn’t try to sell me an arm and a leg to bump up the bill, trustworthy.”  

– Dawn B.

“Showed up with booties over his boots, was very detailed and completed all my tasks”

– Roberta P.


What Can our local plumbers do?

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General Plumbing Diagnosis and Checkup

Do you have a leaky faucet or toilet? Are your drains running slow or completely clogged? Water heater malfunctioning? Is something broken or backed up, but you can’t quite figure out what it is? Craftsman Plumbing company is here to identify your plumbing repair needs and get everything back in tip-top shape.

Fixture Installation & Upgrades

Fixtures are more than important finishing touches: they keep your home’s pipes running smoothly.

Our professional plumbers in Seattle are highly skilled in installing and upgrading plumbing fixtures for kitchen and bathroom faucets, toilets, water heaters, hot water dispensers, boilers, garbage disposals and more.

Drain cleaning drawing

Drain Cleaning

In any busy home, drains take in a lot of debris every day, whether it’s soap, grease, or hair. Sometimes the consequences of this can be more serious than temporary buildup. Whether your drain is in a bathroom, kitchen sink or floor, our plumbers are skilled in removing and preventing buildup, so you can use your drains without worrying about the consequences.

Gas Water Heater Piping and Repiping

Whether they operate on natural or propane gas, gas tankless water heaters are an efficient choice, because they only heat water as it is needed and last nearly twice as long as a typical tank heater. We highly recommend them, and also recommend contacting one of our trained plumbers to fix them when they need repair.
Sewer repair drawing

Sewer Repair

Do you hear noises coming from your pipes whenever you open the faucet? Sewer water coming back up through your toilets or sinks when you use them? Does something in your home or yard smell funny? This might be a sign that your sewers need repair, or that a leak has occurred. Give us a call and we’ll take care of the dirty work to leave your sewers in tip-top condition.
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Electric Water Heater Installation and Repair

Electric water heaters are complex pieces of machinery, and working with them safely require skilled training. Sometimes, turning the circuit breaker on and off just doesn’t do the trick. At Craftsman Plumbing company, we’re here to help you install and repair electric water heaters for the long term. Ask about our warranties!


Initial Consultation

For a service fee of $69, we visit your home with a checklist to take a look at not only what’s causing you problems today, but your entire home’s plumbing system and fixtures.


After auditing your home’s entire plumbing system, we provide you with a diagnosis that outlines current and potential trouble spots, as well as suggestions for when and how to solve them.

We get the job done right

Once you select your solution and authorize us to get to work, our highly-skilled and professional plumbers will get the job done right.

Upfront pricing options

After we make sure you have a full understanding of the issues related to the plumbing in your home, we provide you with straightforward, up-front pricing options, backed with industry-leading guarantees.


This part is on us. We always provide you with all the
necessary paperwork so you can keep track of the work that has been done and may be needed in the future.

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