The “No Mansplaining Guarantee” and why it matters to the whole team at Craftsman Plumbing.

On April 13th, 2008, Rebecca Solnit published her article titled Men Explain Things to Me; Facts Didn’t Get in the Way. She never used the word “mansplain”, but she described the phenomenon of patronizing men explaining something they don’t understand to people, usually women, who they assume cannot understand. The term “mansplain” caught on afterwards as the article was shared, starting in LiveJournal circles dominated by women. Mansplaining, as a word, gave voice to an experience known all too well.

Maria Montalvo, in her article for the Edmonds Beacon, says of it: “‘Mansplaining,’ the best slang term I ever heard, is that wonderfully condescending, overconfident, and often inaccurate information-telling by men to women based on their false assumption that men know more than women.”

Who hasn’t been talked down to by someone who assumes you can’t know what’s happening? It’s rude, degrading, and uncomfortable for everyone involved. There are a few signs that someone is mansplaining. Are they looking to dominate conversations? Do they interrupt others, or join a conversation they were not invited to? Do they then ignore any disagreements, or leave before they can happen? Are they using a condescending tone, talking like they would to a child?

This isn’t to say that every time you share facts or correct someone you are mansplaining. If somebody is genuinely interested, or asked you for feedback, you’re in the clear. And if you’re being paid to instruct somebody, you’re expected to be explaining things. It’d be worse not to! Just make sure what you’re saying is constructive and collaborative. Conversations are between two or more people; if you’re the only one talking, it’s a monologue.

That’s why at Craftsman Plumbing we work hard to prove to you that we care. Your frustrations and issues will be heard. We’ll keep you included in the conversation about your home, your whole plumbing system, and all applicable solutions regarding plumbing repairs, with our No Mansplaining Guarantee.

“Diversity suffers when a few voices dominate all conversations…” Tiiu Lutter

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