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Sewer Camera Inspection in Seattle, WA

Your plumbing system extends beyond what the eye can see. Components of this system remain hidden from view to make the home more visually appealing. However, this means it is difficult to tell when there is a problem within the system. Craftsman Plumbing helps homeowners determine when their plumbing system needs work with the help of a drain camera inspection. Our sewer scope can navigate the entire system to find any problems or areas of concern. 

Sewer Camera Inspection in Seattle, WA

As this device works within the system, there is no damage to the home as we work to identify problems. With the help of our sewer camera inspection services, you will know the condition of the entire plumbing system and can plan accordingly for maintenance, repairs, and replacement. 

Contact us or call us today to schedule your sewer camera inspection. Once the video sewer inspection is complete, you will have peace of mind, knowing the plumbing system is in good working order. 

When Should You Request a Sewer Line Camera Inspection? 

When customers ask us when they should request a sewer line camera inspection, we tell them today. It is never too soon to ask for the drainage camera inspection because it costs less to repair problems when we find them at an early stage. 

You should also call for a plumbing camera inspection if you have noticed a decrease in the water pressure in your home or when you notice water damage on walls and floors in the house. Call us if you see waste buildup coming from the drains in the home. With the help of our sewer scope, we find the source of the problem and develop a solution. 

The Benefits of a Plumbing System Inspection

You may hesitate to ask for this service because you worry about the sewer camera inspection cost. However, water damage to the home leads to costly repairs, as does raw sewage entering the house. The sewer camera inspection cost is minimal compared to the cleanup costs associated with these disasters. Remember this when the time comes to have this inspection. 

The plumbing camera inspection allows us to find problems hidden in the walls, under floors, or the foundation. We can ensure the pipes and drain lines are in excellent shape with this camera or find blockages and clogs interfering with the normal flow of water and waste in your house. 

The drainage camera inspection lets us see the severity of any damage or blockages while allowing us to locate leaks. If you lose a valuable in the plumbing system, our drain camera inspection helps us find it for retrieval. 

How Does This Camera Work? 

You may want to know how the video sewer inspection works. Our camera contains a powerful light that illuminates the interior of the pipes and drain lines in the home. This closed-circuit camera sends images to a video display, allowing us to see the condition of the pipes and drain lines. It also allows us to find problems. 

This sewer line camera inspection lets us see cracks, leaks, clogs, and other obstructions. We use this information to develop a solution for the plumbing problems you are experiencing. Upon implementation of these solutions, your plumbing system will work properly again. 

This drain line inspection provides you with peace of mind. We recommend having a drainage camera inspection yearly. Footage from these inspections remains on file, so we can compare recordings if something changes within the system. 

You should also require a video sewer inspection when purchasing a new house. This drain line inspection gives you an advantage when negotiating with the seller. The standard home inspection lenders require won’t find these problems, but our sewer camera inspection will.

Call Craftsman Plumbing or Contact Us Today to Set Up a Sewer Camera Inspection

Craftsman Plumbing is here to help homeowners protect their assets. Our sewer camera inspection services are one way to do so. If we find problems during the sewer camera inspection, our team can fix them. We offer plumbing installation and repair, drain cleaning and repair, pipe repair, and more. 

Once the sewer camera inspection lets us know about problems within the plumbing system, we sit down with you to discuss solutions. We provide you with a price that includes labor and materials before we do any work. Customers appreciate this, as they don’t want any surprises when the bill comes due. 

You will love our industry-leading guarantees and our attention to detail. We do the job right the first time and clean up as we go. With our help, your plumbing system will function optimally in no time.