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Pipe Repair

When it comes to plumbing problems, a burst pipe can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare, which makes it important to call a plumbing professional for burst pipe repair services at the first sign of trouble. Not only does a burst pipe require an immediate pipe leak repair, if it isn’t detected quickly, it can release a huge amount of water into your home, potentially causing extensive damage to floors, walls, furniture, and everything else. If a pipe in your basement bursts while you’re on vacation, you could come to find you now have a below-ground swimming pool. 

Fortunately, the technicians at Craftsman Plumbing have the training and experience to not only fix your pipes when they burst, but to help prevent them from bursting in the first place. Our company has been solving plumbing issues in the Seattle area since 2014, and during that time we’ve established a reputation as plumbers you can trust. Let us take care of all your plumbing needs, including burst pipe repair.

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Why Do Pipes Burst?

The most common reason pipes burst is because of freezing. When the water in one of your pipes freezes, it expands, putting a large amount of pressure on the pipe at the blockage point. But water pressure also builds behind the blockage, and eventually, that pressure combines with pipes weakened by expanding ice to cause your pipe to burst.

Although freezing is the most common reason pipes burst, it’s also not unusual for burst pipes to occur due to the age of your plumbing system. Over time, the constant wear and tear of daily use can wear out portions of your plumbing, especially at joints. This is true especially if you have high water pressure in your home, or if you have galvanized pipes, which tend to become rusted and corroded. Finally, it’s possible that your pipes might burst from an accident. We’ve seen pipes damaged from falling tools or other objects, punctures from nails driven into walls, and digging in yards without identifying the location of buried supply lines.


What Do I Do When a Pipe Bursts?

If you find a burst pipe in your home, the first step you need to take is to shut off your water main. If you don’t know where your emergency shut-off valve is, the first two places you should check are under your kitchen sink and by your water heater. Turning this valve off will prevent more water from entering your system; while it won’t immediately stop water from leaking out of your burst pipe, it will stop eventually.

The next step is to call a professional plumber to assess the damage and schedule a burst pipe repair service. The licensed and insured technicians at Craftsman Plumbers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to handle plumbing emergencies like this. Our plumbers will inspect your system, making sure there’s no more associated damage, then put together a plan for repairing your plumbing.

With Craftsman Plumbing, our goal is to make your experience as simple and easy as possible. We offer up-front, straightforward pricing, so you always know how much the water pipe repair is going to cost before we start. That way, you don’t have to worry about any new fees showing up on your final bill. Once everyone agrees on a plan and the cost, the technicians will get to work fast, so you don’t have to wait to get your water flowing again.


Preventing Burst Pipes

Preventing your pipes from freezing goes a long way toward protecting your plumbing system. If you have exposed pipes, plumbing running through unheated parts of your home, or pipes running through uninsulated walls, you should have one of our plumbing technicians install insulation to protect them from subzero temperatures.

If you live in an older home, you should also consider a plumbing inspection. When you have a technician look at the plumbing in your home, you increase the chances of finding potential problems before they can cause damage. Not only do you save money on a more extensive repair, but you also help protect your home from water damage, which can sometimes be very difficult to fully eliminate. 

Finally, the best advice is to be vigilant. If you hear strange noises like trickling or drips, even when your water is off, or if you find water stains in your ceiling or walls, call a plumber sooner rather than later, so they can take care of any developing issues before they become massive headaches.


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