Drain Repair and Drain Replacement in Seattle, WA

You don’t realize how much you rely on your drains until they start to fail, and you need the services of a drain repair specialist. A drain that can’t remove unwanted water and waste from your home can render your sinks, showers, and baths unusable.

Luckily, you have one of the best drain replacement and repair companies available to you in the Seattle, WA area. Our team of experienced professionals at Craftsman Plumbing can assess a backed-up drain and determine what forces may be preventing it from doing its job. After an initial inspection, you can discuss what services may be in your home repair budget.

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Drain Repair and Replacement in Seattle, WA Craftsman Plumbing


The Dangers of DIY Drain Repair and Replacement

A few different tools are available on the commercial market claim to be able to fix a backed-up drain. Drain snakes and chemical cleaners, for example, both boast the ability to get your drain up and working again if it’s blocked.

If you’re dealing with a problem that’s more severe than a backed-up drain, your DIY repair efforts may be dangerous and harmful to your home. These drain replacement or repair solutions aren’t just ineffective. They can also make you overlook the real problem plaguing your pipelines. If you’re battling drainage issues throughout your home, let our team of professionals take a look. Our experience can make the drain repair or replacement process a snap.


Addressing Common Drainage Problems

The professional plumbers at Craftsman plumbing provide a variety of services including clogged drain repair, kitchen sink drain repair, shower drain repair, and bathtub drain repair. We can even restore drains that have suffered damage, including those with some of the issues below:


Drainage Line Cracks

The drainage pipes that run through your home are more sensitive to outside influences than you might think. Crawl space leaks expose your drainage pipes to hydrostatic pressure, and that force can cause your pipes to crack and improperly drain. Shifting soil can have much the same effect. Even a freezing winter can make your drainage pipes more vulnerable to structural damage.

When faced with cracked or punctured pipes, our team recommends either patches or pipe replacements. These projects can require pipeline excavations that our team of professionals makes all the easier.


Drain Blockages

If you use your garbage disposal to get rid of unwanted food waste, or if your bathroom drain sees a lot of use, then you’ve probably dealt with a blocked drain before. Nevertheless, our team can work magic that surpasses any work chemicals or drain snakes can do for your drains.

Chemical cleaners and snakes tend to merely poke holes in the obstruction that’s clogging a pipe. Instead, we use a process called hydro-jetting, which applies intense water pressure (i.e., a high-powered stream) to clear away anything blocking your lines. Not only is this clearance method safer to use than its chemical alternatives, but it also removes the entire blockage from your drain instead of leaving loose debris behind.


Drain Line Corrosion

No drainage line lasts forever. Over time, your utilities start to show signs of wear and tear. Drain and pipe corrosion are typical problems to come across in older homes where the pipes have deteriorated, or rust has started to limit the water’s ability to make it out towards your sewer.

If your pipes and drains have started to lose their structural integrity to corrosion, you should replace them entirely. Our team offers service line repair courtesy of trenchless technologies or full-line excavation, depending on which services interest you the most.


Drain Repair vs Drain Replacement

Whether your drainage line can needs repair or replacement will depend on the extent of damage the line endured. Pipes that are cracked, punctured, or otherwise leaking in excess may need to be replaced, albeit not entirely. Our team can replace these lines in sections to limit the repair cost to you.

If your drain suffers from severe corrosion, however, then it may be time to invest in a comprehensive replacement. Talk with one of our team members after they’ve completed their inspection of your line. Together, we can determine which of these services may best help restore water flow through your home. We offer a variety of replacement services including, bathtub drain replacement, shower drain replacement, sink drain replacement, and more. Contact us today for a consultation or to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals.

Seattle Plumbers You Can Trust – Call Craftsman Plumbing

You can call on Craftsman Plumbing for much more than just pipe repair, drain repair, or drain replacement in Seattle, WA. Should you want to get ahead of potential damage to your lines, schedule routine maintenance with one of our representatives. Annual drain and pipe inspections can keep our team up to date on the condition of your lines. In turn, we can offer you access to services before something goes amiss so that you can keep using your sink, bathtub, and shower without running into any problems. Don’t feel the need to take on drain repair or drain replacement issues yourself. Let the professional plumbers at Craftsman Plumbing go to work for you.

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