Emergency Plumber in Seattle, WA

Imagine coming home after a long day at work, you open the door, and water comes pouring out at your feet. Your first call should be to Craftsman Plumbing. We will send an emergency plumber out to find the problem. Once they do, they will fix it.

Emergency Plumber in Seattle, WA

Most people never deal with this issue. Regular maintenance helps to prevent situations such as this. Nevertheless, a person might need a 24/7 emergency plumber for another plumbing issue in their house. We have plumbers on call around the clock to help in your time of need, as you cannot prevent every plumbing problem.

We are the only emergency plumbing service you need. Our team brings the skills and tools to resolve any plumbing problem quickly and correctly. Call us now or contact us today, and we will get someone to your home promptly. We also have an emergency commercial plumber on call for business owners needing help.

Fixing the Issue

Plumbing problems seem to happen most often when you have company coming over or somewhere to be. Our 24 hour plumber understands this. They work to fix the problem quickly so you can get back to your routine. Why sit around waiting for a plumber to arrive when our 24/7 emergency plumber can help? Our quick response helps to minimize damage to your home or business.

Common Plumbing Issues

Many situations lead to the need for after hours plumbing help. You may have a clog causing raw sewage to back up into the home or a leak. Our plumber will find the source. Once they do, they repair the system.

We often get emergency plumber service requests when a pipe bursts in the house or there is no hot water. People call us when they have a leak or their toilet continuously runs. We have a 24 hour plumber to help with these disasters.

A Quick Response is Needed

It is frustrating when you reach out to on-call plumbers, and they cannot come quickly. Call us, and we can get an emergency plumber out without delay. They handle all jobs, including emergency drain cleaning and water heater leaks. When might you need an emergency plumbing service?

Problems With a Toilet

Every house needs a working toilet for sanitary reasons. If you cannot flush the toilet, call us. We will send one of our on-call plumbers to help.

You may not need an emergency plumber because the house has multiple toilets. However, if you cannot use any of the toilets in the home or have a leak, call immediately. Our after hours plumbing team will help you fix the problem. 

The same holds when a toilet is overflowing, and you cannot get it unclogged. Our emergency plumber service helps to prevent water damage to the house.

Drain Issues

Call for an emergency drain cleaning when water remains standing or comes back into the house. Our plumber will clear the drain to prevent water damage and foul odors.  Our emergency commercial plumber will do the same if the problem is at your business.

Our plumber comes equipped with the tools and skills needed to address drain clogs. When they leave, you will feel comfortable using the drain. You have peace of mind knowing they have removed the blockage.

Pipe Concerns

Much of the plumbing system remains hidden from view. Problems may go undetected until they escalate significantly. This leads to the need for an emergency plumber. Call us, and we will locate and fix the problem quickly.

Call Craftsman Plumbing When You Need an Emergency Plumber

Craftsman Plumbing wants to be your emergency plumber. We would love to be the only plumber you call for work on your system. We offer a range of services to meet your needs, and our team is always happy to help.

Let us know when you need a plumbing installation, would like help maintaining this system, or require a repair. When you choose us, you get a professional, highly-trained employee. We only use proven parts and equipment when completing our work, as you deserve a durable repair. Our customers always know what they will pay, thanks to our straightforward pricing, and we are honest in our dealings with you.

Contact us today to set up a visit to your home or business. You should always be proactive with your plumbing system. However, if you need an emergency plumber, call us or contact us today. We will come out day or night to get your plumbing system operational, as this is one household system you cannot live without.