Re-Piping Services in Seattle, WA

High-quality plumbing that is properly built should last a long time with basic maintenance and minimal work over the years. Once pipes wear down and seals come loose, pipes may need to be redone to keep the water properly moving through at your home or commercial property.

When you need high-quality repiping services, turn to the experts at Craftsman Plumbing.

Seattle Re-Piping Services

What is Repiping?

Repiping is the process of removing existing pipes and replacing them with new pipes. A plumbing company can identify the pipes that may need to be replaced based on evidence that they can find in and around the plumbing in a building. Things like scopes and drain line cameras are crucial to this kind of work.

Next, the walls are removed to give plumbers access to the pipes that they require. The damaged pipes are carefully removed. In some instances, specialized equipment may be necessary in order to avoid problems with asbestos or pipes made from older materials.

After that, new pipes are installed to replace the old ones. The new pipes could be installed to match the previous configuration. However, we can also work with homeowners to change the design of the plumbing system in the building. This is especially helpful when you’re looking to add a bathroom, renovate a kitchen, relocate your utility or laundry room, or repurpose existing space.

Once all of the plumbing work is done, the walls are rebuilt and the system is sealed and back out of sight. 

When is Repiping Necessary?

Repiping can be a large-scale job depending on the size of the building. Over time, seals that connect pipes together begin to wear out. Pipes can even begin to erode due to chemicals in the water or old age. This is especially true in older homes, which often used materials that are no longer in use today.

Once pipes begin to fail throughout a building, repiping is one of the best ways to fix the resulting plumbing issues.

There are also relatively rare cases in which repiping may be necessary to fix design flaws in the plumbing system. In these instances, our highly skilled plumbers can repipe the building with a better design to resolve any problems that you may be experiencing. 

Signs that Your Home May Need Repiping Services

There are signs that you can look out for to know when it might be time to repipe your home, such as:

Clogged Drains

If your drains seem to have trouble passing water or you notice your plumbing is regularly backing up, it could be a sign that your pipes are clogged due to age rather than something being stuck. There are a number of tools that a plumber can use to take an in-depth look at your pipes to determine whether repiping services may be required.

Rust or Contaminants in the Water

If the water coming into your home comes out of a faucet and is visibly discolored and contaminated, your pipes could be breaking down. As pipes age, they begin to release particles into your water. Heavy metals, such as iron, and plastics can be harmful to your health. If your water tests high for heavy metals, this might mean that your pipes should be replaced.

Our skilled technicians can test the quality of your water to determine whether your pipes may be breaking down. If they are, we can provide you with a quote for replacement with newer, more modern materials.

Consistent Plumbing Problems

If your home is aging and you are having an increasing number of plumbing problems that require repairs, it may be a sign that your plumbing needs an overhaul. 


Mold is a sign that your pipes may be leaking onto soft surfaces where spores can grow. This is often found around floorboards and the base of walls around a leaky pipe. 

Turn to the Pros that You Can Trust

When it is time to look for a “plumber near me” for repiping services in Seattle, it is important to select one that you can trust. Since repiping requires removing drywall and, working with a professional plumber with a background in repiping work is even more critical.

Contact Craftsman Plumbing to schedule a free estimate for your repiping job. We’ll come to your home or place of business, examine your existing systems, and give you an upfront, transparent quote on the costs to replace your existing network of pipes. We’ll explore the various materials that you can choose from and help you to feel confident in your decision. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you!