Never a need for plumbing coupons

Exclusive perks nobody else gets

Becoming a member of the Lifetime Diamond Club is not just about ensuring the health of your home’s plumbing—it’s about joining a community of homeowners who value peace of mind, prioritize preventive care, and appreciate the importance of quick, reliable service.

Don’t let this opportunity slip through the cracks (or pipes)! Sign up today and enjoy the many benefits that our Exclusive Diamond Club Membership has to offer. Because at our club, we believe in not just meeting but exceeding your expectations. Welcome to the family!

Service Charge Discount

For a service charge of $49 discounted from $69.00 (+Tax).

Annual Inspection

Including a sewer scope from an outside cleanout, with no service charge.

Extended Warranty

6-Year to be exact on some other fixtures

Added Discounts

15% off discount on repairs.

Lifetime Warranty*

On faucets, tanked water heaters, toilets, whole home domestic water repipes in copper, and drainage repipes in ABS.

priority service & no limit

Front of the line service and no limit to the number of fixtures covered


The Lifetime Diamond Club

*Lifetime warranty is void if galvanized steel piping is present in the home or at the main.

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