Toilet Repair in Seattle, WA

When there is a problem with your toilet, not only is it an inconvenience, it’s a total disruption of your comfort at home. You might experience leaks, issues with various components in the tank, or damage to the toilet itself, which can result in water damage to your home and may even lead to structural problems. So, what do you do when you have an issue with your toilet? 

If something goes wrong with your toilet, you can count on Craftsman Plumbing for quick and efficient toilet repair in Seattle, WA.

Toilet Leak Repair

There are many reasons for your toilet to leak, and you should take all of them seriously. While Craftsman Plumbing can fix most issues quickly, you don’t want to spend any time waiting when a toilet issue is discovered.

Waiting to fix a leak could lead to serious water damage around the toilet area, or even beyond the bathroom. If you ever spot a leak around your toilet, don’t hesitate to call Craftsman Plumbing to get it inspected and repaired.

When to Call Craftsman Plumbing in Seattle

When your toilet needs repair, it will normally be pretty obvious. The fixture will leak in some fashion or will simply not work as it should. The water may continue to run, or the toilet itself may not flush.

While toilets are fairly simple, repairs aren’t always. That’s because these fixtures are made up of internal components and critical connections, and these elements can fail due to age, or normal usage. If you are not certain whether your toilet is damaged and needs repair, there are several signs to watch for. If you notice any of the issues below, call Craftsman Plumbing for toilet repair in Seattle, WA.

Damaged Flapper

Your toilet’s tank holds a large amount of water, which is released into the bowl when you flush. The component that holds the water back until release is called a flapper. It’s a small rubber or plastic flap that creates a seal against the hole where water can rush through. When the flushing mechanism lifts it, water is released. Over time, the flapper can crack and warp. When this happens, water will trickle from the tank into the bowl until you call Craftsman Plumbing for repairs.

Cracked Supply Line

The water your toilet uses comes from a cold water supply line, usually a braided steel hose that runs from the floor or wall to your toilet. Over time, this supply line can crack or dry rot, leading to water pooling up around your toilet or flooding. If you notice water leaking from your supply line, give us a call for an immediate toilet repair.

Bad Float

The float inside your tank tells your toilet when to stop filling the tank with water. If something goes wrong with this critical component, your tank can overflow. So if water is pooling up around your toilet, a bad float may be the issue. 

Rusted Fill Valve

The fill valve is what controls the flow of water into the tank. When the fill valve becomes rusted or corroded, the flow of water may become unrestrained. This can lead to flooding or overflow around the toilet, which is bad for many reasons. 

If your tank is overflowing and a faulty float is not responsible, you likely have a damaged fill valve.

Broken Connectors

Your toilet has many connectors where water passes. These connectors are designed to prevent water from seeping out of any joints. If these connectors are broken or damaged, your toilet can leak, and you will need repairs. Call Craftsman Plumbing to check out your connections and make sure you won’t get any leaks.

Toilet Flange Repair

The toilet flange is a pipe fitting that connects your toilet to the drainpipe in your floor. If it becomes damaged, serious leaks can occur, and your toilet will be more or less unusable. If you need a toilet flange repair in Seattle, give us a call to get it taken care of.

Get your Toilet Fixed with Craftsman Plumbing

Since 2014, Craftsman Plumbing has been Seattle’s most trusted plumbing company. Our workers are highly trained, honest, and diligent. When you choose Craftsman Plumbing, you can count on receiving the very best service. If you’re in need of expert toilet repair, contact Craftsman Plumbing. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.