Plumbing Services in Maple Leaf Neighborhood

Whether you are a homeowner or perhaps a business owner, we are the perfect fit to accommodate all your plumbing needs. All of our technicians are licensed with thorough training and passed background checks under their belt, making us a company that you can count on to keep your plumbing up and running.

We have the knowledge and know-how to perform even the smallest tasks to the biggest jobs in a very timely manner, enabling you to have a running plumbing system as soon as possible. In case of emergencies, we have a team always on standby to deal with any emergency plumbing situation.

Garbage Disposal Services

A garbage disposal is a convenient feature of most modern kitchens. Today, almost all homes in the US have one and we rely on them everyday to clean up our sinks of waste to prevent it from clogging up. But what do homeowners do when the disposal stops working? The answer to that is simple. Call a plumber to clear the drain or fix the disposal unit.

Our technical staff see to it that homeowners are able to keep their waste disposals for years through the elimination of food trash which can ruin garbage disposal systems. Put a call forward to us today to make an appointment for a service call if you discover that your waste disposal is shattered or just not functioning as before.

Drain and Sewer Cleaning Services

A lot of people may not know this, but the sewer lines that run from your homes to the septic tanks or to the town’s main sewer system are built to stand the test of time. It is so durable that it can withstand the ravages of time, extreme weather, pressure, heat and in some cases, even earthquakes. No matter how durable, these can also break down in a matter of years if not taken care of and maintained regularly.

When you have sewer problems, we have a plumber you may contact. Call us if you have noticed slow drainage or excess water in your basement or yard, or even for the regular annual maintenance.

Plumbing Repair Services

Your home’s plumbing is not something that requires you to think about it regularly, however it will eventually wear out, just like any other system. These systems are not constituted of many locomotive parts, hence, they endure much more than other systems in your home. However, either it is just a single component of the system or the whole that becomes unmanageable, there will come about a period where plumbing replacement becomes inevitable.

Homeowners know they can count on our team of professional plumbers to make any plumbing repairs their homes might require. Our plumbers will explain every step in the repair process and will complete the job in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Slab Repair Services

The terminology ‘slab leak’ is a jargon used by plumbers to identify a pipe hole in either the hot or cold water levels beneath the concrete base of a structure. It is very difficult to detect these types of leaks because they are completely hidden under or within the ground or cement. But there are ways of detecting them with a few simple checklist.

There are signs to look for:

  • Higher Water Bills
  • Unusual Behavior from the Water Heater
  • Constant Sound of Water Running
  • Cracks in the Basement Flooring

Our team of expert plumbers have the best equipment and training to detect and repair slab leaks. If you suspect that there’s a leak in your home, don’t fret because we can find that leak for you and fix it. We’re not going to be pleased with the work we did till you are.

Sump Pump Services

Flooding around a home or business can come from many causes, which leave buildings in danger of further plumbing damage and accidents. Installing protective measures like sump pumps can prevent the need for costly plumbing repairs or replacements from arising. You can depend on our qualified pump contractors to find the perfect version to your preferences and to ensure that it is properly installed in your home or business.

Tankless Water Heater Services

For decades, the only way to have hot water in a home was through the conventional storage tank heater, but not anymore. While already very popular in European countries, the tankless water heater is rapidly gaining traction in North America as this option gives the homeowners an unlimited hot water supply as well as huge energy savings.

We offer tankless water heater installation, replacement, repair and maintenance and we also offer the same services for other models as well. You can count on us to deliver service that’s not just professional but friendly, too.